Opened in May of 1987 by founder David Neff, Riley Street Station occupies what used to be the Pennsylvania Railroad Station in the heart of downtown East Aurora, NY. Neff was a local restaurateur with ties in the industry dating back to1968 when he opened the Red Lantern in Glenwood, NY. From there he became involved in other prominent local establishments, owning places such as the Cricket Club in Alden, Cory’s on Elmwood, The Bay View Beach Club in Hamburg, and the Glenwood Grill in Glenwood.

Riley Street Station began its tenure as a Cajun style restaurant, however as the demands on the business changed, so did the overall theme of the restaurant. Over the first few years the atmosphere of the establishment ranged from Cajun to Mexican to Traditional American to an extended period of time where it served only as a bar.

Following the passing of founder David Neff, the establishment has once again seen another dramatic facelift under the tutelage of Consuelo “Babe” Neff. Guided in its new direction, the establishment has really turned the corner and has become the established institution it always had the potential to be. Effectively separating itself from others and definitively showing that there is no place like it in the region.

Today, overlooking the newly established Time Warner Cable Winter Classic Ice Rink, Riley Street Station has come of age by transforming into one of the only true Gastropubs in Western New York. The establishment has taken on a unique personality, possessing unmatched charisma, style, and flavor in the Western New York region. Aside from just offering a hearty menu of affordable yet eloquently designed food and drink.

During its tenure, Riley Street Station has attracted a large number of patrons who swear by the authenticity and charm of the establishment. As the years progress, Riley Street Station continues to look forward to many years of success with lots of good times, great food, and happy customers.

Therefore we openly extend our arms to you, inviting each and every one of you who shares in our passion for food and fun to join us as we continue down our historic path.


Riley Street Station operated as a commuter train station from 1867-1973. However, the history of the commuter rail industry within East Aurora dates back about 30 years before that. Initial proposals for a rail line from Buffalo to East Aurora began to surface as early as April of 1832 by the Buffalo and Aurora Railroad Company.

The early 1830s was a time of expansion and prosperity. And by 1884, Buffalo had become one of the most important railroad centers in the world and one of the Pennsylvania Railroad’s biggest hubs. At a time when transportation was not as easy and convenient as it is today, Buffalo and the many smaller towns served by the railroad, prospered.

Much of the growth in these years had been fueled by the widespread construction of new railroads and canals. Millions of acres of public lands were sold by the government, mostly to speculators. Their hope was to purchase well-located parcels that would increase in value Read more